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MediCove Automation Services

Managing clinical trials has become a fractured process. Research teams are required to navigate complex clinical trial management software, EMR systems, sponsor mandated EDCs, as well as maintenance on external files, all for just one clinical trial.  We aim to reduce this administrative burden with MediCove. 


MediCove is a suite of customized automation tools aimed at bridging these fractured processes without tacking on additional software:​​

  • Custom Budget and Coverage Analysis Tools/Templates linking Over 15,000 CPT®/HCPCS codes built in and linked to applicable Medicare coverage determinations at the national and local level.  

  • Custom Automation Bots designed to drastically reduce repetitive and duplicative data entry tasks.

  • Custom, site tailored pricing tools and dynamic fee schedules designed for efficient budget builds

The MediCove Process

Step 1 : Consultation
We use this time to determine your site's pain points, and determine what tools the site has readily available to work with.  
Step 2: Planning
Once the pain points have been identified and we know what tools we have to work with, we will outline a plan for site approval.  
Step 3: Development and Testing
The tools determined in the planning stage will be developed and tested over a pre-determined amount of time for production use. 
Step 4: Production and Support
After testing has satisfactorily concluded, the tools will be released to the site for day to day use.  The site can choose to maintain the tools themselves or retain our services for long term support/Troubleshooting.  

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