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R.B.O Services

A comprehensive clinical trial budget is key to risk management and expedient negotiations with sites.  Let us craft a comprehensive baseline budget based on actual billing codes and the Medicare Fee for Service schedule.  Utilize one of the most powerful tools the site's have at their disposal with a comprehensive Medicare coverage analysis, so you can determine your true costs before you start the negotiations.  


  • A comprehensive budget build that translates the clinical trial schedule of events into standardized billing codes with pricing based on the Medicare Fee for Service Schedule.  

  • Estimate staff time and effort for services not linked to a billable code.

  • Understand the study budget floor and ceiling are before you begin negotiations. 

  • Learn which costs are standard of care versus research sponsor billable, and understand the policy and guidelines driving those determinations.  

The C&S Promise 

Building a strong baseline budget is the foundation of successful project management. C&S promises to deliver a comprehensive budget based on the most Up-to-Date data so your organization can accurately project costs and mitigate risk.    

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